Conti Caponi Galleria was born in 2023 from the many years of experience of Casa Wolf Firenze, an antiques gallery founded in 1994 by Renato Conti, neurosurgeon and connoisseur, father of the founder of the current gallery, Duccio Conti Caponi, interior architect and director of Duccio Conti Caponi Studio. A rib of the architectural firm, dedicated to interior decoration and renovation projects in Italy, Europe and internationally, Conti Caponi Galleria researches and exhibits antique paintings, furniture, sculptures, decorative objects and antique carpets, with a focus on the period from the 15th century to the early 19th century. A decided interest in the quality, refinement, sophistication and distinctiveness of the pieces offered in the collection, and a continuous search for new and interesting cultural references, makes the gallery an important reality in the Florentine scene.